My Story

Like everybody I have a story to tell. There was a turning point in my life when I was faced with the hard reality of loss and suddenly I realised that my family had gone through its fair share of tragedies, losing loved ones to health issues way before their time, I was falling sick repeatedly, and always rushing and running after something without really caring about my health and taking it for granted – was this really the best way of doing this? Was this what I wanted for myself? For my family? To survive on “okay” health and make it through the day? Or did I want something else? Something more?

My world shifted – I was on a quest! I wanted a different kind of lifestyle, a different kind of life, more health, more strength, more awareness!

And this is what I found at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, being a student there, I was exposed to each and every expert on health, nutrition, diets, counseling, psychology, positive thinking, mindset, relationships, career, spirituality, creativity and much, much more! It was a fabulous journey and allowed me to learn things that some people don’t learn over lifetimes!

I was transforming EVERYDAY! I was listening to my body, my mind, and in the process, healing, shining, blossoming, being present every minute of my life, at work, with family, with friends.

I am now energetic, light, buoyant and happy – listening and learning everyday from this body that I live in. I feel like a child, I have communicated this enthusiasm to my family and have taken it as my mission as a health coach to communicate this to the world.

Ayurveda, gluten-free and paleo, raw, vegan, macrobiotics, you name it! we will go through your diet – but we will also make sure that you find YOURSELF and HAPPINESS on the journey!

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