Individual Programs

Find the perfect solution for YOU. I will work with you throughout your journey to help you reach your goals and to help you discover a new you, happy, strong and full of energy. A more positive mind for a more positive life, full of possibilities and opportunities.

Post summer Programme

Holidays! The long strolls along the beach, the afternoon nap time, the feasts of delicious foods and drinks! But coming back to reality is sometimes harsh on the scale and on the self esteem. Don’t let the holiday blues get to you! Feel good and fabulous again in NO time!

Weight Loss Program

You feel uncomfortable in your body? You want lose weight but are tired of deprivation and crash diets? I can help you there! I can help you love every cell of your skin, understanding your body, feel nourished, satisfied, shining from within – AND loose those annoying KGS!

The Happiness program

Embark on a self exploration journey on which you will not only learn about nutrition but also how to care for yourself, how to balance all the aspects of your life to fulfill your heart and soul, to go out into the world happy, confident and ambitious.

Transformation Program

If you want to take a serious action in your life, if you are highly committed to your goal and want as much access to me as possible. This program is for you… Together, we will transform your life.

I quit sugar!

Sugar is one of the most addictive drugs on earth and has dramatic effects on our body, creating hormone imbalances, increasing weight gain, influencing our moods, dragging us down … it’s time to learn to live without sugar!

Pantry makeover

The first step to a healthy nutrition and lifestyle is a well stocked kitchen. I will guide you to stock your pantry with healthy, wholesome and nutritious food and will help you get the basics of clean eating right.


You feel you would like some counselling and guidance with your health goals but you don’t want to go through a full 6 months program? We can set an action plan together and get you going in a 3 hours session.