Pantry makeover

The first step to a healthy nutrition and lifestyle is a well stocked kitchen. I will guide you to stock your pantry with healthy, wholesome and nutritious food and will help you get the basics of clean eating right.

Stock your pantry well with healthy, wholesome and nutritious foods . Together we will discover how you can make simple changes in the products that you use to get the best nutrients and food benefits

  • 5 * 60 minutes sessions
  • 1 hour supermarket and health food tour
  • Learn about the healthiest oils, grains, etc
  • Learn how to read labels
  • Learn how to replace sugar with healthy, natural sweeteners
  • Equip yourselves with tasty and nutritious recipes
  • Healthy lunch box recipes for adult and children
  • Includes a personalized in house cooking class, designed to introduce you to whole foods and tips on how to cook them.
  • Juicing basic guidelines and principles
  • Kitchen set up
  • Information handouts and recipes

Cost of programme: SGD700