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Finding peace and energy

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Dhyana yoga Singapore was founded by Deepa D’Souza.  She teaches hatha yoga, yin yoga & meditation.

She qualified as a Chartered Accountant from India & worked in the corporate sector for about 12 years in India & London before moving to Singapore. She decided to take a sabbatical from work and discovered her love for yoga, in this city.   Through her practice she observed significant improvements in her health & well-being.  She believes that the practice of yoga & meditation can equip anyone to manage their lives better.  This led her to do a teachers training in Hatha yoga (Kerala, India) & Yin yoga(Singapore) & various retreats in yoga and meditation. It is now her mission to spread the practice of yoga and meditation and she hopes that everyone may experience the joy and happiness it brings.

She rununnameds group & private sessions in hatha yoga, yin yoga & meditation.
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Dhyana Yoga Singapore

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