Take care…

Do you ” care less” when it comes to you?

How many of you did a little bit of self care today? Say you slept a little longer than usual?you managed a work out? How many of you wished that you had done a little more for your self?

It’s time to TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Self care varies every day. It depends a lot on what is going on within us, as well as what’s going on in our external environment. Maybe our energy levels are down today or we are emotionally drained out to cook at home. Or we wanted to go for a swim or a run but it’s raining.
We all know we must take care of ourselves. We also worry about being consistent at it and we also have to deal with failure if we fall off track. I am not advocating that one must be selfish and self centred, rather it’s about ” me time”.
Before I became a health coach. I was teased by my family and called a martyr. Me putting my family first. Always. Making all the sacrifices to accommodate everyone else’s needs and wants and desires and ambitions. That was on the home front. Me being a social worker was again putting someone else first. My husband once joked that he intends giving me a printed T-shirt with the words” I am a martyr”!!

But then it all changed when I joined IIN. Health coaching besides healthier food is ” caring” for yourself. As coaches we are experts on lifestyle changes. Self care and lifestyle changes are kind of synonymous. Self care is the foundation of a satisfying life. When you take care of yourself, you have the energy to truly nurture your relationships and career. Some self-care measures may seem like luxuries, but they are actually essential to your health and well-being.

There are 2 Stumbling blocks to self care:

  1. Fear of the spotlight. Suddenly from looking after everyone you are doing things for yourself and the spotlight is on you. That may not be easy. Also it is easier and gratifying to help someone else. To focus on someone else. Suddenly you are focusing on yourself.
  2. Being too busy. Self care falls off your plate. In our busy lives, we are not present in the moment. When you are feeling lost or when you are not feeling grounded, when you are not sure where you are going, start with self care. Taking care of yourself helps you reconnect with yourself.

Self-care comes in many different forms. Physical and emotional.

Below you will find 10 self-care tips – follow these basic guidelines and learn to treat yourself well. Then ask yourself, what does self-care mean to me and what do I need to feel healthy and balanced? When you become familiar with your needs, and honor them, your energy is boundless and your potential limitless.

  1.  Take one step at a time
  2. Schedule primary food activities
    ( primary foods are relationships, physical activity, career and spirituality)
  3. Eat healthy foods
  4. Use a coach for support
  5. Take breaks
  6. Move your body
  7. Breathe frequently
  8. Don’t compare yourself
  9. Spend time with supportive people
  10. Make yourself a priority.

–         Don’t forget to care for your “self” today –

Take the first step to a healthier, happier life,
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Ashrafi Bhagat
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
“Content on this webpage contains the copyrighted material of Integrative Nutrition Inc., © 2012 (Used with Permission).”

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