Christmas Survival Kit

Christmas, the lights, the family, the carols, the magic, the presents, the smell of fresh cinnamon…. and the dinners. Christmas is a time to come together and enjoy your family – be thankful for all the good things in life but it is also the time when being mindful of healthy eating can become tricky.


1. ENJOY AND SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH FRIENDS & FAMILY. Remember that this, should be the focus of these holidays – and not the food and the alcohol. Christmas is about getting together. I am not asking you to not indulge but rather to indulge in moderation. When you make this shift in your mindset, food will become secondary.

2. FOLLOW YOUR NORMAL ROUTINE. Don’t skip meals so that you can binge at dinner. Eat a healthy snack, salads, avocados, nuts, proteins, healthy fats. You can read my blog here for tips on “fats”. This will prevent you from bingeing.

3. SAVOUR EVERY BITE. Chew slowly. Enjoy the ambiance, the company. Appreciate that rather than just focusing on the food.

4. BE ACTIVE. Decorate your Christmas tree, help the host clear up. Play a game. Walk to your party. Take any opportunity to remain moving.

5. DON’T FEEL GUILTY and don’t be in misery if you do deviate. Guilt can damage you. Rather learn what made you deviate and try and think of a few steps to prevent that in future.

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Ashrafi Bhagat
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
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