Is it really about good genes?

We all tend to think that our health depends on our genes and that our fate is sealed on a cellular level – but this is actually not true. Lifestyle has impact, it means that with determination, you can actually turn the odds around and that in itself, is empowering!

The common belief is that if you come from a family with hypertension or heart disease, you will be suffering from the same ailments as your elders.

There is no doubt that some of us are more predisposed to health problems such as Alzheimers, cancer, heart disease, etc – BUT! An increasing number of studies are proving that this isn’t necessarily true: EPIGENETICS – the study of changes in gene expression.

It means that even if the underlying gene sequence we are born with doesn’t change, its expression can! It means that WE CAN TURN GENES ON AND OFF.

You basically have the power to determine your own health through your daily lifestyle choices: what you eat, how much and what form of exercise you do, how you unwind, your response to stress, everything will have an impact on your cells which ultimately will affect every aspect of your health!

So, what do you want your genetic expression to be?

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Ashrafi Bhagat
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
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