A mind & body detox

Shruti Hora

The coaching program has really helped me in building an awareness towards healthy food and lifestyle habits, food & juicing options but also on the necessity to take care of myself. This sense of awareness now also extends to my children as I have wonderful healthy recipes with lunch box menus and can choose the right food for them.

I have also benefited in reorganising my kitchen with the right choice of tupperware and different food storage options to maintain healthier ¬†food preservation. It’s been a real journey, learning about different food options, choosing natural sugar substitutes, reading label claims and making the right choices, understanding healthier foods and juice options, understanding supplements and the ways towards a healthy home detox. Talking about the benefits of exercising or what fruits and vegetables to buy organic or not and how to clean them accordingly.

Aside from the latter which has created SO MUCH knowledge and awareness, I have lastly found the program to be effective in helping me detox on a MENTAL level. By speaking about my personal and work-related issues, I was able to find solutions or “feel cleansed” towards issues I would be facing during different moments.

There was always a sense of encouragement during our sessions and unbiased feedback which really helped me. I really am thankful to Ashrafi for the wonderful program and for reaching out to me when she started it. In the process, I have found a beautiful mentor and friend who I can always reach out to without hesitation!