A Journey to happiness

Cecile Gauthier

My journey with Ashrafi has been life changing – and is still continuing.

When I first started the program I had spent some time in the hospital and was barely back on my feet, recuperating from a serious illness. I had quit my job, wasn’t really sure where I was going and most importantly, I wanted to change my eating habits and find ways to be less sick – which is why I initially contacted her.

I say initially, because on this journey she did so much more – of course she taught me about eating, nutrition, food choices, labels and now my kitchen is better stocked, I have diversified my recipes and actually enjoy spending some time in my kitchen cooking (believe me that was a real challenge). She gave me knowledge to implement those changes in the long run. I feel more energised, fuller, brighter as a result of all of this and she has (and is) guiding me throughout more changes – I quit coffee, I quit cigarettes, I am reducing (a lot) and I am getting back on an exercise routine ….

But what Ashrafi did for me is so much more than that! (although that’s already a lot!) She gave me confidence, she helped me in my relationship and in my life as a whole to understand what I wanted and she gave me strength to stand up for it – and not settle. She gave me the strength to fight for the things that are worth it, and the wisdom to let go when it is not. She changed the way that I was seeing life and myself…. how to manage conflict while preserving myself and how to take care of ME ultimately because if I don’t take care of myself, how can I help others, how can I love fully, how can I live in harmony?

I am so very grateful to her for all of this, and I cherish each and every session. I would recommend her to anyone who feels lost, who wants to be healthier, who wants to lose weight, anyone who needs guidance and want to see REAL life changes….